Restoration & Refurbishment

Arco Strings Asia has the expertise to do fine setup for instruments.
Instruments are graded by Response, Tonality & Sound Projection.
This is sometimes easier said than done. We receive many instruments which are in desperate need of a re-setup due to the following reasons… I have ranked this based on our experience for the last few years..
1) Bridge position and alignment in a weak position, resulting in muffled and sound lacking in clarity and response. ** Angle or Tilt of the bridge does affect sound.
2) Sound Post has moved slightly or has dropped or out of alignment.
3) After String length is incorrectly executed…. many instruments poorly perform or perform below the optimal level as the instrument has not been looked after or even Set-up by the Seller.
The optimal level will give the instrument a higher level of Resonance which affects the response level.
4) New Instruments: We have received a fair number of instruments
There are other factors which can prevent the instrument from sounding good.
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